Hello! I’m Esther, and true reason why I started this blog was to learn more about wine by reviewing ones that I really enjoy. I am also very passionate about food and thought it would be nice to share that as well. I will try my best not to be too cliche, as wine/food blogs are extremely common, but will attempt to be unique by searching for affordable good eats and wines.

In my free time I enjoy baking, reading, hiking, and pretty much learning anything new. Thanks for reading!


6 comments on “About

  1. Hey,

    Cool blog so far, looking forward to see how you go in the next couple of months.

    In your quest to find really good wine may i suggest some of the Antipodean blends as in my experience (bartender working in various bars around the world) are often forgotten.

    Ones to find and taste:

    South Australian Shiraz (AUS)
    Central Otago Pinot Noir (NZ) -really good stuff
    Hawkes Bay Chardonay (NZ)
    Marlborough Sauvignon blanc (NZ)

    Hope you enjoy- especially the Pinot Noir!!!!!!


  2. Kathryn says:

    Dear Esther, I’m glad to see what you’re doing here–as an undereducated but avid food-and-wine lover, I’m always happy to find good resources of fellow aficionados to share their wisdom and ideas and experience with me! Hope you have a great time blogging here, as I do at ‘my place’–the blogging community is a great bunch of inspiring people.

  3. frenchozzie says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. Your blog is great too! It gives me ideas of a few other wines to try out…

  4. I would suggest you try Portuguese wine – delicious and often beats out the French in competitions! It’s not widely known as they mainly stay within the country for local consumption. They also have a type of wine called Vinho Verde, or Green Wine. It is delicious. Sort of white wine, but better…I think.

    You can pick up a few different ones at BevMo, but the best in my opinon (and those of my Portuguese friends) is Casal Garcia. I drank that all the time while I live in Portugal. And it’s under $10 (or should be).

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